Let’s start with the content

Let's start with content - Liverpool Websites

Let’s start with the content

With any website project that we work on, the content is key – it’s the place to start. The good thing is that once all of the pages are planned and the information is to hand, it’s relatively easy to put a site together after that. The content that is available will dictate what the site will look like, how big it will be and ultimately, how well it will perform.

But it’s not always that simple. Generally clients know exactly what they want and they have lots of information available to support the direction that they want to take things. On the other hand, there are occasions where the client knows they want a website, but they have no info. No text, no pictures, nothing.

It’s normally here that there can be some problems. The main problem is time. Gathering content takes time. Arranging for quality images to be taken requires a lot of co-ordination and getting unique text content together isn’t as easy as you might think – just copying text from other people’s websites is a big no no!

Content Creation

Normally there is some need for content creation, whether that be images, graphic design, copywriting or video. This stuff needs to be created to be able to put it on the site – this is where things can get expensive. If you look at a website build, there are different areas to think about, mainly design, development and content input. In simple terms, design a site, build it with the content in mind and then add the content later.

However, this leaves a big question mark over who’s producing the content. Content can be supplied by the client or produced by the company that is building the website. But it’s important to highlight the boundaries of where the website build side of things starts and stops, then the same with content creation.

The fact is, the two things are separate and should be treated as such. If you want a price for web design, great. If you want to include content creation, then this will be priced separately and in addition.

Chicken and Egg – Website or Content?

When building a site, we recommend that the content is sorted first. In an ideal world, the client will already have their content to hand when they first come to us. We can then advise if anything else is needed, define the scope of work and then get the all rolling. Doing things this way if the most cost effective and offers the quickest turnaround time.

Doing it the other way and pushing for the design and build first, means that the project can sit in limbo while waiting for the content to be created. It can also lead to unnecessarily long turnaround times do to scheduling issues and generally leads to a loss of momentum throughout the job. With any project, there is always an optimum process. If you are looking to save time and money on your website project gather your content, agree a design, build the site, add the content and Bob’s your uncle.