SEO Copywriting tips and tricks

What is SEO Copywriting?

It’s a common question and not only for those who are novices to SEO but for experienced specialists too. What is SEO copywriting? SEO copywriting is the process of using standard SEO practices that drive traffic with compelling words that entice users to take a specific action, like buying a product or subscribing to an email list.

SEO copywriting differs from SEO content writing, where the end goal is to convert leads rather than generating organic traffic. The two, however, do go hand in hand and with all types of SEO, it’s vital to understand the best practices surrounding it.

At Websites That Work, we have a dedicated SEO Guru and a team of expert content writers who work together to create the best mix of SEO, content and copywriting to get organic traffic. Here are their tips on SEO copywriting:

Understanding Your Target Audience

Your target audience is an essential part of SEO copywriting because great content marketing revolves around what, how and why potential customers search for products or services. SEO copywriting aims to get your content to appear at the top of search engine results to drive more traffic and stay top of your audience’s mind. Without knowing or understanding your audience, it will be impossible to compel them with your writing as you don’t know who they are or how to appeal to them.

Researching Keywords

A crucial part of any SEO plan is keyword research. This is the process of identifying the terms used by your target audience while searching for comparable goods or services to yours. This keyword research is critical for copywriting because it reveals the user purpose behind the terms your audience is looking for, allowing you to create content that speaks to their requirements.

Be succinct

The more difficult it is to read your content, the less likely you are to accomplish your ultimate objective of converting consumers. If understanding what you have to give requires a considerable amount of work, you will most certainly lose them along the road. This includes eliminating jargon and overuse of words, and just providing the information that is most important to the purpose of the text.

Assure a Fantastic Experience

Great SEO copywriting is more than simply good writing; it’s also important to align your words with a positive user experience. Here are a few suggestions for aligning your content with a positive customer experience:

  • Use Language that is clear and concise
  • Long paragraphs should be avoided at all costs.
  • Images, videos, CTAs, and other visual components may be used to break up text.
  • Technical jargon and marketing talk should be avoided.
  • Use numbers, bold text, and bullet points to make your argument.

For website optimization, modern SEO copywriting is essential. Make sure your material is engaging, scannable, and has the appropriate number of keywords. Every element of a unique and customised SEO strategy is carried out by our skilled SEO Marketing team and content writing team working together. Why not contact us right now to discover how we can improve your SEO copywriting?