Don’t copy someone else’s website!

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content – Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Website

We won’t make this a long one, the message is direct and clear – whatever you do, don’t copy someone else’s website. It’s a complete no, no.

Time after time, we get customer’s asking us to copy someone else’s website. Even worse, when we ask people for content and they’ve just copy and pasted off someone else’s website and pass it off as their own.

No way Jose, that just won’t do.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is content (obviously) that is found on the internet in more than one place, at more than one web address.

If you were to take the text from someone else’s site and completely rewrite it, that’s not duplicate content. But you’ve got to put the work in. You can’t just change the order of the words. Instead, you need to completely rework and paraphrase the lot.

This includes pages in your site that are very similar, geographic pages for example – Anfield, Aintree, Belle Vale etc.

You can’t just copy the same text umpteen times and have a million page website. It doesn’t work that way. Each page has to be unique and the text rewritten accordingly.

Why can’t I use duplicate content?

Quite simply, search engines don’t know which page to pull through or which site to prioritise over the other, so generally the existing site will experience a drop in rankings and the new site won’t show.

If your new site is peppered with duplicate content all over the show, you’d be lucky if it even showed on Google at all.

What can I do?

Write the content from scratch – In an ideal world, you would write your content from scratch. Plan and structure your words like you would for an article and get writing, making your you factor in your keywords along the way. Time is your biggest factor here.

Software – There are plenty of apps and software out there today which helps you create and curate content. You can create written content relatively quickly and at length. The only downside is the quality is not always there and you will need to manually proof it.

Speech to Text – Ok, so this is software too but it deserves a bit of attention. Here you get the best of both worlds from the first two points. You get go put your own content down in written form just by speaking, but there is a need to go through it manually at the end to straighten it out.

Rewrite and Article – It is the done thing to take an article or a number of articles, mash them up and completely rewrite them. This way you have unique content, but don’t have to do the planning and research required when writing from scratch. You can even link back to the other articles or reference them.

Copywriter – This is our personal preference when building our own sites. Copywriters are specialists in what they do. They are word machines. Have you ever tried rewriting the same content fifty times? You start questioning your own existence after a few pages. Copywriters on the other hand will do this for fun. Then they charge you and you are more than happy to oblige.

Laters 😎