Why do I need a blog?

Why do I need a blog?

Why do I need a blog?

‘Why do I need a blog?’ is a question that we are commonly asked by customers. When we’re looking at what pages a site needs, the main pages are normally a no brainer – Home, About, Services, Contact etc, but we always mention a having a blog at this stage too. That’s where the question tends to get asked.

There’s load of reasons why you should have a blog, which we will discuss. But the main one is that it is a good way to grow your site. In fact, the bigger the better.

Grow your site

The bigger your site, the better. Obviously, you can’t just start writing any old waffle, the stuff that you are putting in needs to be relevant to your audience, be useful and some thought needs to be given to SEO. Check out our blog post on on-page SEO.

Think about it, if you blogged just once a week, then that’s 52 pages in a year. If your site already had 20 pages, then 20 portfolio pages or case studies, then you would be flying. Nearly 100 pages of well optimised content means you’re on your way to bulldozing your way to the top of the charts for whatever keyword you want within reason.

Help your target audience

Helping to your target audience is a no brainer. A blog allows you to give useful information to your target audience in bite size form. You might think that giving all of the answers away could harm your business, but look at it another way using our blog as an example.

Someone could take the information that we give them, then go away and build their own website. We could miss out on building a site? Not really. There’s a good chance that they weren’t going to ask us to build their website for them in the first place. It could also have the reverse effect, they could have a go themselves, realise it’s not for them and then ask us to put a price in. They might even still decide to do it themselves, but choose to go on one of our training courses instead to help them along.

Become the authority

If your are imparting information and your content is engaging (worth looking at to me and you) then before long, people will see you as the authority for whatever it is you’re talking about. Here we have to make an admission. We know a lot more than we let on. We could go into great detail about the world of SEO, but that’s not what our customer needs to hear. We bang the drum on the fundamentals. Be brilliant at the basics.

Once you’ve got this boxed off, you’ll be well on your way to having a website that works. If you look over our blog posts, we don’t get above our station, we just drill the basics over and over and over again. Why? Because that’s where the solution lies for most people, so why over complicate things.


Not everyone is in a position to buy straight away. Some people are in a position to buy, but they want to do their homework first. A blog allows to to but your knowledge and expertise across, which will give confidence to your target audience.

This can be done in loads of different ways, though networking, through video, through content, through PR or whatever, but a constant drip, drip of information will underpin any advertising or promotion to put you at the front of people’s mind when the time comes to buy.

There’s plenty of articles out there on why you should have a blog, so worth doing your own research on what the benefits are. We’ll do a post on what you should blog about in the near future.

Good day to you 🎩