Do I need a website to rank on Google?

Do I need a website to rank on Google?

Do I need a website to rank on Google?

When it comes to search engines, Google is the top dog. If you want the stats, Google it.

Did you know that you don’t need a website to rank on Google?

The fact is, Google have their own in house features and brand which perform well within the Google world. With Google being top dog, that might be the only world you need to perform in!

Here’s a few examples of how you can rank on Google without having a website.

Pay Per Click

You can pay to be top of Google or feature in the ads at the top of the page. But what if you have no website? It is possible to click through to a contact form – straight to the point of enquiry.

Online forms such as Wufoo allow you to build and host a form on their system and you can link to it directly or embed it into a website. Perfect for lead generation and the entry level version is free! The focus is placed on how well you write your Google ad and all going well, you can have a steady stream of enquiries.

Same works on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin ads etc, but with those you can have the additional benefit of having a video to promote the ad, with the form sat nicely behind the call to action.


YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube videos rank highly on Google, especially if they are well optimised. When you upload a video, treat the title and description like you are doing on-page SEO.

Simply put your keyword in the title. Then have three paragraphs of writing in the description, making sure your keyword is written once in each paragraph. Then make sure you include a link at the bottom to your conversion page or form. No point sending people to a website home page, send them directly to the contact form.

This is ideal when there is lots of website competition for a keyword or phrase, but no sign of any related video content – bingo, produce and optimise a video and you’re in.

Google My Business

Google My Business has a variety of functions, but here are the main ones:

Google Maps

You can feature your business, list your products or services and place your contact details on Google Maps, without having a website. It’s like a business directory. If someone is looking for your service (which you would have to list) in a specific area, you have a chance of being found in Google Maps.


Within Google, you can list your products and services, which will help you Google My Business listing be found in Google searches. This information works alongside Google Maps and gives more substance to your listing.


This is where people can review your business or your service This information is also added to your listing, so people can get an idea of what kind of service they are going to get. Again, this information works alongside Google Maps and gives more substance to your listing.


You can add blog posts within your Google My Business page. These only last for a few days, but while they are there, they are shown prominently within search. Remember, Google’s focus is to give the user the information that they want quickly. If you are providing that information within the Google infrastructure, then Google will automatically favour that content.


Images can be uploaded to your business page, which will be shown within your listing. The more pictures with descriptions, the better chance you will have in search. The more information, the better.


You can list your event within Google and this has a chance to be displayed in search. Put in as much detail as possible and it stands the best chance of being found. “Networking events in Kirkby on 30th June 2020” – if your listing has the information in there, you stand a very good chance.

Google Website

If you don’t already have a website, Google gives you the opportunity to publish all of your Google My Business content in a Google hosted site. The benefit? It sits within the Google infrastructure. Follow best practice and make sure your pages are optimised and you are on to a winner.


In summary, anyone who has read this can now go away and get their content to perform well on Google. Dead simple and all of the answers are there. You don’t even need a budget to put the majority of it in place.

All it boils down to now is whether you’ve got the time or the inclination.

Peace out 😘