Cheap Websites Liverpool

Cheap Websites Liverpool

Cheap Websites Liverpool

We always get asked if we do cheap websites and the answer is simple – no we don’t.

Cheap websites don’t work. We’re called Websites That Work, not websites that don’t work.

How Much Is A Website?

Let’s throw it out there, if you want a website that works, our entry level, call it a grand. £1000.

For that, you will get a site built on WordPress using one of our existing themes that we think would best suit you – not because we’re dipping out on buying a fresh theme each time, but because we know them inside and out and we know what headaches to expect.

A grand does not cover anything bespoke, but we’re happy to do what we can within reason.

A grand will get you around 20 optimised pages, whatever features and functions that are included with the theme setup and configured. Because we’re sound, we’ll also add any blog posts and portfolio pages that you already have written up too – again within reason but to put it into perspective, if you give us 15 blog posts and 15 portfolio pages, you’ll end up with a 50 page site for a grand.

50 page website for a grand – that’s cheap for a 50 page site, but it’s not a cheap site.

Or it could be a 20 page website for a grand if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity of us doing the extra in passing, by giving us the information to add for you. 20 page site @ £50 a page? Still very good value for money.

Why Do People Want A Cheap Website?

Generally speaking, it means that they were looking to pay up to £300.

There are plenty of people out there who will do a website for £300. Umpteen in fact. But what are they selling?

20 optimised pages @ £15 a page – more fool them!

20 unoptimised pages @ £15 a page – will look pretty, but won’t work.

10 unoptimised pages @ £30 a page – more fool you!

There comes a point when there’s no point having a website. It’s not going to bring in any work off it’s own back around Liverpool or anywhere else.


We’re not saying that there aren’t cases that a small website isn’t going to perform, it’s all down to how you want to promote the site. When we talk about a site bringing work off it’s own back, we mean a site that ranks highly on Google, that people find naturally in Liverpool without spending all kinds of money promoting it.

Pay Per Click – if you are going to use Google Adwords, sponsored ads on Facebook, Linkedin or whatever, even a one page site will do. It just needs to designed to achieve high levels of conversion. Here’s your £300 site.

Social Media – if you’ve got a massive following on social media and you are telling your followers to visit your site to enquire or buy, depending on how much stuff is on there, you’re talking £300 – £500.

Leg Work – if you just need a site as a presence for when people check your business out – £300 – £500. This site will have to be promoted in other ways, had out business cards, put signs up, whatever. There’s no point coming back asking ‘why doesn’t my website show on Google?‘ because at that level of the game, it won’t. Check out the link to see why.

Starting Up – if you’re a start up with a willingness to learn, develop and manage your site going forward, you can have a slick looking, but small site put together for £300 – £500. Again, it depends on how much stuff you’ve got to put on there. Then if you genuinely intend to add a few pages here and there, then add a blog post each week, then you’ll eventually have a top of the food chain website anyway.

Website Training

So back to the start ups, we have a solution. If someone hasn’t got the budget for a decent size website, because they’re just starting out. If that same person just wants everything put in place as a starting point, then will go on to grow their site themselves – then we have the answer.

We offer website training for £300 for the day. Just hear us out.

You get a full day’s training on how to use WordPress, you’ll learn how to install a theme, add pages, add blog posts, add and configure plugins, learn the basics of SEO and we even show you how to use the Yoast plugin as a guide to make sure that your pages are optimised properly.

The main beauty is that we train you by working live on your own site! For £300 you will come away with your own fully functioning website and the skills to take it forward!

We don’t do cheap, but we offer value for money and we have an option to suit every budget.

Thank you please 👽