The Perfect Customer

The Perfect Customer

We’ve got customers of all different sizes and from different backgrounds, in a range of industries. Big or small, we still offer the same level of service, the main difference is normally the size of the project varies. As far as we’re concerned, all of our customers are in the gang and we generally have a cracking relationship with them.

What Does the Perfect Customer Look Like?

When starting a website project, we always try to find out what the perfect customer looks like and sometimes we are met with confusion. More often than not there will be a set of circumstances which makes us and them a perfect fit and we’ll give you three examples, two old, one new.

The old

Example 1 – In the olden days, if we saw a van that looked tidy and was sign written, but didn’t have a website address on the side – that was our perfect customer.

Basically, this customer cared about looking professional, was willing to spend on promotion, just didn’t have website.

Example 2 – If the van looked tidy, was sign written, had a website address and a gmail or btconnect email address (or whatever, something that wasn’t the same domain – that was our perfect customer.

Basically, same as before but did have a website but there was some sort of problem. Maybe the site was small and didn’t produce results, maybe a web host wasn’t playing ball with the email address side of things – all problems that we can sort out.

The new

Our new perfect customer is harder to come by, but when they show up it gets our juices flowing.

Example 3 – The customer has had loads of websites in the past and over time has become experienced in what works for them and what doesn’t work. The customer might be spending lots of money each month on Pay Par Click, but generally speaking the majority of their business is coming from their website.

This customer is gold! They know what they want and what good looks like. All this information at the front end means that we know what goal we are working towards and what the benchmark for success is. In terms of the Pay Per Click side of things, we can save this customer money by making their site rank organically for their chosen search terms and then they can pull away from or reduce their on going monthly spend.

Why wait?

You don’t have to wait for years to meet the criteria to be our perfect customer. All of the boxes to tick are listed in example three…

  • Know what you want
  • Tell us what good looks like
  • See the site as an investment that will generate income

From there, we’re in business. For us, a website project a marriage rather than a one night stand. Our customers are our partners and over the years we have developed lasting working relationships with them.