Bespoke vs Template Websites

Bespoke vs Template

We can do either, but it all comes down to budget.

If we had to bet money on one, we’d go for Template / Theme based websites. Obviously if you need something very specific, sometimes bespoke is the only way to go.

Website Build Process

Here’s the score. When you’re building websites you’re generally dealing with 3 stages:

1. Design
2. Development
3. Content Input including SEO

Bespoke sites go through the whole process 1, 2, 3. There’s time spent and payment required at each stage.

Template sites bypass 1 completely, 2 is only needed if you want some tweaks to the theme or layout changes, so the full focus is on 3.

In theory, if your Template or Theme is a perfect fit straight out the box, then your whole budget can go on Content Input.

More budget for stage 3, more pages, bigger site, more chance of it performing for you and bringing the £££s.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once your website is done, delivered, handed over, that is not the end of the story. There’s always a need to do general housekeeping and updates to keep your site functioning.

Why is this you ask?

Basically, the website world is constantly evolving. A couple of weeks ago we talked about how to build a website and mentioned the platform or software that you use to build a website. Well these are constantly evolving, continuously being upgraded.

Then your browser – Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc, they are being upgraded all the time too.

Then there’s the plugins, which give features and functionality to your site, they are constantly being updated to.

Naturally, this means that your site will need its balls tickling every now and again. That’s the website game we’re afraid.

The good thing with templates or themes is that they’re upgraded by the author and supported for a long time. Especially if you chose a popular theme. If the theme is still selling, then the author will keep upgrading. It’s just a case of downloading the latest theme files, uploading them to your site and do some testing to make sure nothing’s broken.

With a bespoke site, it’s different. The work was done exclusively for you. So, the designer / developer will most likely be the person that you have to come back to for future updates. It’s their code (in the background of the site) so they’re probably the best person to do the updates – again, at a cost.

Generally speaking bespoke is a long term marriage, template is as good a relationship as any but with the option to go elsewhere as and when it suits you.

We know marriages can end too, but normally you have to get your cheque book out. Same, same.

Verdict – Template wins by KO.

Peace out 😎