Woman's Lawsuit Against Playboy Centerfold of the Year Dropped




Playmate Victory: Woman's Lawsuit Against Playboy Centerfold of the Year Dropped

Playboy Playmate of the Year Ida Ljungqvist won a
round in court when a woman dropped a lawsuit alleging the centerfold teamed
with the plaintiff's estranged husband to take child support from her children.

A Santa Monica Superior Court minute order dated Monday stated that
Katrina Kantner's case was dismissed.

Ljungqvist's lawyer, Keith A. Fink, said Kantner decided not to pursue
her lawsuit after she and her new attorney were told they faced the likelihood
of a malicious prosecution action.

Kantner's lawyer, Robert E. Gentino, did not immediately return a call
for comment.

Kantner filed the lawsuit May 28. She alleged her husband, Doug Kantner,
gave Ljungqvist more than $90,000 in cash and gifts while failing to honor
his obligation to pay her $10,000 a month in child and spousal support.

Fink said his client was not engaged in any kind of amorous relationship
with Doug Kantner and that she was being targeted because she is a celebrity.

"The claims against Ms. Ljungqvist were entirely false and spun from
whole cloth by Ms. Kantner in an attempt to harm her ex-husband, who she is
still involved with in a nasty divorce," Fink alleged.

"The most maddening of the false allegations to me was that Ms. Kantner
wasn't paid in full by her husband for all child and marital support," he
said. "This was a lie and she was paid in full."

Ljungqvist, 28, is the first African-born Playmate. She has raised funds
for charities that help malnourished children and provide medical care to HIV-
positive children in her native Tanzania, Fink said.


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